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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Petitioning for terror

by digby

This stuff is flooding my email box. It's all about that right wing grift. But they are working themselves into a full fledged frenzy:


Even after the ISIS attack on Paris that killed more than 120 civilians, even after ISIS blew a Russian airliner out of the sky killing 224 more people . . .

. . . . and even though ISIS and al Qaeda say they have plans for massive attacks on America . . . 

President Obama says he's still moving forward with his plan to move and settle 200,000 refugees from places like Syria and the Middle East here to America!

Secure Freedom
President Obama's own leaders of the FBI and Homeland Security say it will be impossible to prevent ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists from blending in with these 200,000 refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere. 

This is why I urgently need you to please do three things right now: 

ACTION STEP #1: Please sign the Petition to your Congressman and two U.S. Senators.

This petition demands an immediate STOP to all immigration from countries that are hotbeds of Jihadist Islam. Our goal is to bury Congress with 1,000,000 of these signed petitions from voters in the next 60 days.

ACTION STEP #2: Please complete the National Survey of 1,000,000 Americans on how best to protect America from Islamic supremacism.

We will deliver a full report on the results this survey to every Member of the House and Senate. This will be the largest survey and petition drive on how to protect America from Islamic Jihadism ever conducted. So you can be sure this enormous survey and petition drive will receive wide media coverage.

My name is Frank Gaffney. I am the Founder and President of Secure Freedom - one of America's leading advocates for our national security. 

I am writing to you because our research indicates that you are a well-informed American who votes regularly in elections, is respected in your community, and that you love America. 

The most serious threat to America today comes from militant Islam - which is why we have launched this NATIONAL CAMPAIGN to persuade Congress to immediately STOP all immigration from Islamic supremacist countries at least until we have an effective way to identify and exclude Jihadists. 

Congressman Brian Babin and others in Congress have introduced legislation that would do exactly this. 

Right now, approximately 3,000,000 Muslims live in America. The Muslim population in America is doubling every 10 years. 

According to a recent Secure Freedom survey of Muslims in America, 25 percent of those polled say they believe that "Violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the Global Jihad." 

A survey by Wenzel Strategies reports that 46 percent of American Muslims believe that Americans who criticize Islam or parody Islam should face criminal charges. 

8 percent of those American Muslims surveyed believe that those who criticize Islam should be put to death, while another 9 percent are undecided on this. 

An actual majority of the Secure Freedom poll - 51 percent - said they thought "Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah law." 

15 percent say they believe Muslims should have their own Islamic Shariah Law court; and another 36 percent say they should be free to choose Shariah courts over American courts. 

Shariah Law authorizes the stoning to death of women who are accused of adultery, calls for the execution of apostates, and considers all man-made law - such as the U.S. Constitution and democracy -- to be apostasy. 

Under Islam's Shariah Law, a man owns his wife and is permitted to beat her or even kill her if she displeases him, for example by dressing in a way he does not like. 

By some estimates, approximately 1.9 million Muslims have come to America since 9/11. 

While many American Muslims are good, hard-working people who have assimilated into our country with its tradition of religious freedom and tolerance, surveys show that hundreds of thousands of Muslims in America are sympathetic to Islamic supremacism with its traditions of Jihadism and its brutally intolerant Shariah code. 

It doesn't take more than a few committed Jihadists to cause mass-destruction - as we saw with the September 11th attack on America, the ISIS attack on Paris, the blowing up the Russian passenger plane, the mass-killing at Fort Hood by an Islamist U.S. soldier, and the massacre at the Boston Marathon. 

ISIS has declared it's planning massive attacks on U.S. soil and may already have operatives in place ready to carry out these attacks. We know that ISIS, al Qaeda, and other Jihadist groups have been working to bring weapons of mass destruction into America for detonation in high-population areas. 

It's not "racist" to want to stop immigration from counties that are hotbeds of Jihadism. For one thing, Jihadism is not a race. It's a manifestation of a supremacist ideology, Shariah, that is every bit as dangerous to liberty and America as was Nazism or Communism. 

Islam is also now the world's fastest growing religion. According to theAlmanac Book of Facts, the number of Christians in the world increased by 46 percent compared to a 235 percent increase for Islam during the last 10 years. 

So the world's Muslim population is increasing 5 times faster than the world's Christian population. 

The Muslim population is already doubling every ten years in America. 

Now President Obama wants to flood America with nearly 200,000 more refugees from places like Syria and the Middle East. He says the attacks on Paris and the blowing up of that Russian passenger jet by ISIS has not changed his commitment to bring Muslims by the tens of thousands from the Middle East and other parts of the world to settle in America - to become American citizens. 

This is why Secure Freedom has launched a FOUR-PART Battle Plan to educate America and persuade Congress that further mass-immigration from Jihadist Islamic nations to America is a serious threat to our nation's survival, and must be stopped. 

Our FOUR-PART Battle Plan:

PART ONE: Educate tens of millions of Americans about this grave threat to America's survival . . . and where their elected Representatives in Congress stand on this issue. 

Secure Freedom is mailing millions of VOTER EDUCATION letters (at a cost of about 60 cents per letter) on why the exploding population of Islamic Jihadists inside America and why President Obama's plans to immediately bring 200,000 Muslim refugees from Syria and the Middle East to live in America is such a serious threat to America's survival. 

We also publish and distribute a CONGRESSIONAL SCORECARD assessing how each Member of Congress votes on key national security issues, including on legislative efforts to restore sanity to our immigration policies and enforcement of relevant laws. 

This CONGRESSIONAL SCORECARD helps ensure that voters in the coming 2016 Elections can be informed and hold their representatives accountable at the ballot box. 

PART TWO: Make STOPPING all immigration from Jihadist Islamic countries a major issue in the 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections. 

With your help and support, Secure Freedom aims to launch a major national advertising campaign to inform Americans about the need to keep America safe from Jihad by stopping unchecked immigration from Islamic supremacist nations. 

PART THREE: Persuade every Member of Congress about the seriousness of this threat. 

Secure Freedom is recognized as a leading source of authoritative information on American security for political leaders and lawmakers. We interact regularly with members of Congress to share our reports that detail how serious the Jihadist threat really is inside America - and how this threat within our borders is growing by the day. 

PART FOUR: Bury Congress with 1,000,000 petitions and surveys every 60 days (110,000 surveys and petitions per week)until Congress STOPS all immigration from Islamic supremacist countries at least until we have an effective way to identify and exclude Jihadists. 

Politicians respond to pressure from voters - especially as an election approaches. With 2016 being a Presidential and Congressional Election year, politicians are especially sensitive to public opinion. 

When they receive a continuous, relentless, never-ending avalanche ofpetitions, letters, and phone calls from their constituents on a single issue, politicians tend to act. 

This is how issues get on a politician's radar screen. This is how issues rise to the top of the legislative calendar for action. And politicians are always very interested in the results of surveys. 

This is why it's so important that we receive your signed petition and completed survey

Why Your Immediate Donation Is So Urgently Needed

Our budget for the Battle Plan I've outlined here is $10.3 million. 

This budget must be raised with donations from patriotic Americans (like you) who understand what a dire threat Islamic Jihadism presents to America's very survival. 

Frankly, the biggest danger we face is that too many people believe their individual actions and efforts don't have much impact on Congress or on what happens in government. 

I hope you don't feel this way. The truth is if we all act together and speak with one united and clear voice on this issue that's so important to your safety, we can persuade Congress to act. 

Most of our friends and supporters are sending donations in the $20 to$50 range - though some are blessed to be able to send larger gifts of$100$500$1,000 or even more . . . 

. . . while our other wonderful friends are making an equal sacrifice by sending $15 or even just 10

Only you know what you are able to contribute. I just ask that you please contribute what you can. 

If everyone I am emailing just contributes what they can, I am confident we can raise the funds we need to generate enough voter pressure on Congress to STOP all immigration from Jihadist Islamic countries. 

Most immediately and urgently, we must stop President Obama's plan to bring nearly 200,000 refugees - many of them Muslims from Syria and elsewhere - to settle here in America because we have no way to know who among them are trained ISIS or al Qaeda terrorist operatives - especially since we know Jihadists are planning massive attacks on American soil. 

So please help! Time is of the essence on this. The stakes are enormous. 

The America you love is disappearing quickly before your eyes. I will anxiously look to hear back from you by return mail in the next few days. 


Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Founder and President, Secure Freedom 

P.S. Congressional leaders will act on this if they see a constant, relentless avalanche of petitions, letters, phone calls and messagesfrom voters demanding an immediate STOP to all immigration from Islamic Jihadist counties - and most immediately to stop President Obama's destructive plans to bring 200,000 Muslim refugees to resettle here in America. 

President Obama's chiefs of both the FBI and Homeland Security admit there's no way to know who among these refugees will be ISIS or al Qaeda terrorists set on causing mass destruction in American cities. 

This is why it's so important for you to sign your petition and complete your survey. 

Our goal is to bury Congress with 1,000,000 petitions and surveys every 60 days (that's 110,000 per week) until Congress acts on this crisis that threatens the survival of the America you love. Please also keep in mind that it costs us about $10 to process your petition and survey. So at a bare minimum, I hope you will include a $10 Petition & Survey Processing Contribution along with your petition and survey. 

But we are also in urgent need of additional donations because it's going to be enormously costly to collect and process 1,000,000signed petitions and completed surveys over the next 60 days. 

We must mail letters to millions of voters, buy advertising, use TV, radio, and the Internet to get the attention of tens of millions of voters for this threat and this campaign. So please help! 

The survival of America as you know it is literally at stake in this battle. Thank you for doing everything in your power to save the America you love for your children and grandchildren

Here's the unfortunate thing about this. Yes, they are collecting money for God knows what purpose. It's what they do. But they are working people up into a froth and they're calling Democratic politicians and screaming about all this. And because Dems are far more sensitive to conservative pressure than Republicans are to liberal pressure (they believe voters are more right wing than they really are) this stuff can have an effect on policy.

If everyone who supports Bernie Sanders would sign this petition and call their Rep it could make a difference.
Say You Support Continuing the Refugee Program that Promises to Resettle Syrian Refugees 
In terms of the Syrian refugee situation we are now facing, now is not the time for us to succumb to racism and bigotry. In this moment, it is particularly important that we not allow ourselves to be divided by the anti-immigrant hysteria that Republican presidential candidates are ginning up. 
When hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and have nothing left but the shirts on their backs, we should not turn our backs on these refugees escaping violence in the Middle East. Of course we have to investigate the backgrounds of people coming into the country -- and we will -- but to suggest that we would even turn away orphans is incredible. 
Support continuing the refugee program that promises to resettle 10,000 Syrians, mostly women and children, who are escaping violence in their home country.

I'm sure the wingnuts will be delivering petitions to congress. It would be nice if liberals could deliver some too.