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Friday, June 20, 2003

The Forgetful Private, the Missing WMD and The Band of Liars who tie it all together :

I saw the BBC documentary and pretty much thought it was bullshit and here's why. The rescue sounded pretty pro forma to me. Even if Special Forces knew that the Iraqi bad guys had moved off they would have entered the same way. It was a war zone. They can't and don't fuck around. They make a lot of noise for a reason --- to scare the enemy.

The problem wasn't ever Pvt. Lynch or her rescuers. They were all brave people. The problem was always the Bush administration marketing executives who turned it into the embarrassing made-for-television soap opera it became. Who wants to bet me 5 bucks that the guys who wrote the embarrassing little script that is only now being sorta, kinda explored by the stenographers of the media brothel are these fellows, who not so coincidentally include our newest candidate for biggest liar on the face of the planet, Prime Minister Tony Blair's prevaricating "dodgy dossier" spinmeister, Alistair Campbell?"

The above linked article, dated 11/17/02, contains a piece of information that should be just a little bit interesting to the braindead, botoxed press corp if they ever actually left their dressing rooms --- that is that it's these ratfuckers who were writing the "papers" that supposedly proved that Iraq was crawling with germs, chem and nukes:

It was Wilkinson who spearheaded the successful Afghan women’s campaign last year. A Naval Reserve officer, Wilkinson got his start working with Bush ally Texas Rep. Dick Armey. He’s the go-to guy when the White House needs information against its enemies.

In the last few weeks, he and his underlings have weeded through hundreds of pages of news clippings, U.N. resolutions and State Department reports to compile an arsenal of documents against Saddam Hussein. They released the first round last week: "Decade of Defiance and Deception" (a broken-U.N.-resolutions hit parade).

Then there’s Tucker Eskew, 41, a savvy South Carolinian, who will soon be named the director of the new Office of Global Communications, which will be formally launched this fall. Neither a Texan nor a lifelong Bushie, he earned his stripes during the Florida election mess by becoming the campaign’s tropical smooth-talker.

During the Afghan conflict, the White House sent Eskew to London, where he worked with British spin master Alastair Campbell on setting up the first version of an actual war "war room." Campbell was an inspiration for Bill Clinton’s 24/7 rapid-response communications team.

Now Campbell is also a member of the Band and is working in tandem with the White House. When Prime Minister Tony Blair meets with Parliament next week, for example, he will release a "white paper"—the detailed argument—that backs up George W. Bush.

Yesterday, Eskew tested the rapid-response skill that he honed working with Campbell. He responded to Iraq’s offer to accept inspectors "without conditions" with a document itemizing every time Iraq agreed to "unconditional" inspections only to go back on his word.

It was Bartlett, Bush’s right-hand man and the 31-year-old leader of the Band, who has insisted that this and all documents be sourced. Wilkinson spent hours footnoting the 22-page "Decade of Defiance" document released last week, for example. "We compiled every single possible bit of research we could find and then set out to verify, verify, verify," Wilkinson explains.

Wow. Big of them to insist on sourcing. And Wilkinson spent hours verifying the information. I wonder what went wrong?

Apparently it is considered normal in DC for the Bush administration to use dirty tricksters and spin doctors to make the case for war. At least nobody thought it was wierd at the time this perky little item was written. But, you would think that with all the hoopla that's been raised in recent weeks about why the hell we haven't found any evidence of the WMD that somebody in Washington would be asking why the White House felt it needed a campaign "war room" full of political operatives to sell the war.

And just so you know the caliber of the people that our Dear Leader put in charge of "spinning" the case for overthrow, I wrote about "GI Jim" Wilkinson back in April when he was threatening Michael Wolfe with bodily harm. (If he didn't feed Steno Sue that "Rambo" version of Lynch's humvee accident, I'd be very surprised. The guy has a seriously sickening smarmy streak.) But, Tucker Eskew is a real peach in his own right. Just ask John McCain. Eskew was the guy who ran "communications" for the Bush primary campaign in South Carolina and took his "rough play" style to the Florida recount.. He's been very richly rewarded for his classy work on both campaigns:

''The McCain campaign is squawking because we hit them where they hurt,'' Eskew said. ''McCain and the media created a myth of the military monolith, and we exploded that. We challenged him on his greatest point of pride, and they stomped their feet, pointed fingers, and whined.''

Jim Hightower, unsurprisingly was on to this some time ago.