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Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Commander Codpiece is shamelessly running on his "success" in the War on Terror.


As those smarter than I have already suggested, perhaps it's time we turned the tables on their lying asses.

You want to run on the war, Maverick? Then maybe you would like to explain to the American people how they're supposed to feel so safe in your big, manly embrace when you obviously let a bunch of terrorists run off with the makings of dirty bombs and huge amounts of fully weaponized bio-chem WMD, right under your nose.

At least we knew where they were when Saddam was in power, didn't we Colin?

C'mon Condi, you assured us quaking Muricans that if we took out Saddam that we'd be keeping the weapons out of the hands of terrorists. Are you going to try to convince us that it was worse to have them in the hands of Saddam than to NOT KNOW WHO HAS THEM OR WHERE THEY ARE?

So, where the fuck are the weapons?

We know Saddam and Osama are on the run and we're smokin' 'em out of their caves and all, but let's hope they haven't been able to stash those"thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas" that we knew were in Iraq right before the war. We already have evidence that the spent uranium that the IAEA had carefully catalogued and kept under lock and key was looted by somebody while American troops just stood outside the gates and watched. What happened to it? (Ever heard of a suitcase bomb, Junior? Even a little one sure could make a mess of shopping mall or an office building.)

Who but TRAINED TERRORISTS could waltz around an Arab country in the middle of a war and steal a bunch of unconventional weapons, huh Rummy? It's looking pretty damned likely that bin Laden and Saddam, whose organizations the administration claimed had been meeting for over a decade, and both of whom are also missing, are together in a cave somewhere with a bunch of lethal weapons preparing their next attack on America. How could you have let this happen?

Thanks, folks. Thanks a lot. If this is what the Republicans call "Mission Accomplished" you've got to wonder which side they're actually on.

*I'm serious, here. We will get nowhere by trying to take these guys down with standard logical arguments. They are not playing by those rules and we can no longer afford to. The NY Times is now saying openly that lying is just a form of selling an idea to the public (as long as it isn't about consensual sex.)

Okey dokey. So, just as we should start using the phrases "Bush's economic plan," "dangerous" and "socialism" in the same breath, we should use their wartime propaganda to our advantage -- "Saddam and al Qaeda," missing WMD", "dirty suitcase bomb," "on the run."

Over half the country believes (or pretends they believe) that al Qaeda were in cahoots with Saddam and that Iraq was crawling with nukes and bio-chem weapons before the war -- because these guys made that case. By taking them at their word and asking the obvious questions that follow, they either have to admit they lied or explain why the public shouldn't be worried that the weapons --- and the evil ones who hate us, Saddam and Osama --- are all unaccounted for.

These guys are 100% in charge. What do they now propose to do about all these unconventional weapons and America-hating terrorists that are now on the loose because we invaded Iraq and obviously didn't have any clue about how we were going to secure them?

Bush is running as the flyboy hero who is winning the War on Terrorism.

Well now, that all depends on how you look at it, doesn't it?