I think we've found Kaye Grogan's day job:

President Bush is a Leader who has the courage to lead. It is political courage. It is not poll driven it is conviction driven. It is consistent and does not change because of pressure or threats of political survival. It is reconfirmed every day. It differs from combat courage in that it is thought oriented not reaction oriented. Combat courage does not necessarily translate into political courage. Combat courage is admirable and you only know if you have it when you are in combat. President Bush has demonstrated that he has political courage and this is why he was re-elected. By owning a bust of President Bush, Commander in Chief you will be making a statement and in a politically charged environment, it takes courage.

Unless your decorating style is early meth lab, it takes courage in any environment. I think the eyes move and everything.

"Combat courage" while admirable (I gue-uss) is nothing compared to "political courage." See, warriors are "reaction" oriented instead of "thought" oriented like our brave preznit. In fact, the whole military is nothing but a bunch 'o pukes when you stop and think about it. Real men don't fight wars. They join the Republican party and run for office and then get re-elected by demonstrating political courage.

And the neat thing is that he's wearing his hot chippendales flight suit in the sculpture. That's because even though he isn't a puke, he's still our Commander in Chief and he looks better in a uniform than any old combat puke ever could.

Update: Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast astutely observes that "resoluteness" and consistency is exactly what child psychologists advise that parents must show to young traumatized children. TV's Supernanny says the same thing -- routine, predictablity are what young children need to feel safe. Jill writes:

In the nearly four years since 9/11, Americans have been like the young children who are the subject of the above article, and they have responded to the President's "consistent" message the way a child would -- as a sign that everything's going to be OK, instead of as an adult should -- by comparing the message to the reality and realizing that this president isn't "resolute", he's delusional.

Changing one's mind and one's approach in light of new evidence is what an adult does. Only a child continues to insist that Santa Claus is real even after catching Mommy and Daddy putting the presents under the tree and eating the cookies. But this insistence on believing everything George Bush says is a symptom of the persistent juvenile state in which American adults have wallowed since 9/11. His "consistency" and the petulant way he has of continuing to insist that the Iraq war ws the right thing to do are reassuring to adults having who are still unable to accept that there's nothing special about our status as Americans that is going to keep us safe in this current world. It's that reassurance that keeps them from facing the lies that he told about why he wanted to go to war in Iraq. Because if Daddy doesn't know what he's talking about, it feels to many people as if the rug was pulled out from under them.

It's polite to say "Americans" but she's really talking about Republicans. The rest of us have felt much more insecure since our "Daddy" sat stunned at the moment of crisis and ever since then has been acting like a drunk 15 year old with the keys to his brother's corvette.