Ask McClellan: Will Bush Start A Nuclear War?

by tristero

This should surprise no one. What's the point of building nukes today if you're not going to use them? Or building more unless you plan on replacing ones that will be used? And yet, even though I've been expecting to hear about this from a reputable source since 2002, actually reading about it is enough to make me vomit from horror.

George Bush seems to be planning to start a nuclear war. My God.

McClellan must be asked on Monday to state whether plans have been drawn up for George Bush to start a nuclear war. With Iran, certainly, but also against any other country. Because if Hersh is right - and so far, he has been very right - then...oh my God.

These maniacs cannot be permitted to get away with this, or even seriously contemplate getting away with it. No, that's not enough. If this country so much as opens the question to serious consideration "whether first-strike nukes are justified in the present world," then we are already halfway down the path to a nuclear holocaust. All it will take to tip it over is one more major terrorist attack, and Bush will guarantee the nukes will fall. And if you don't think there will be another major terrorist attack in America, either a real one or one faked by this administration, you have not been paying attention to what has been going on. Bush's nuclear policy is quite clear: from the start he's wanted to be the first president since Truman to drop a nuclear bomb.

On Monday, someone must ask McClellan: Is George Bush planning to start a nuclear war?

[UPDATE: A few commentators have called into question the possibility mentioned above that the administration might fake a terrorist attack as a pretext to use nuclear weapons in Iran, saying I went to far. I hope you are right, but I had Operation Northwoods in mind. Let us not forget that the people in charge of the country right now are precisely the kind of people who would propose and approve of Northwoods.]