Gotta Pay

by digby

As I sit here thinking sbout my pal Jane and what she's facing I can't help but reflect on just how fucked up this is:

It is expected there would be no problems securing funding to explore a drug that could shrink cancerous tumors and has no side-effects in humans, but University of Alberta researcher Evangelos Michelakis has hit a stalemate with the private sector who would normally fund such a venture.

Michelakis' drug is none other than dichloroacetate (DCA), a drug which cannot be patented and costs pennies to make.

It's no wonder he can't secure the $400-600 million needed to conduct human trials with the medicine - the drug doesn't have the potential to make enough money.

Michelakis told reporters they will be applying to public agencies for funding, as pharmaceuticals are reluctant to pick up the drug

More on this promising new treatment here. They are hoping they will be able to scrape up the money for the clinical trials through charities, universities and governments.

And here I thought the pharmaceutical companies had to charge such high prices because of all the research they were doing. Seems without the possibility of future revenue they can't be bothered. Of course, a cheap cure for cancer would cut into profits in so many ways, wouldn't it?