I'm Tired Already

by digby

I just love it when billionaires say things like this, don't you?

I think that America was better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.

That's the back-biting David Geffen in the Queen of Mean's op-ed column today talking about the calculating Clinton while defending his chosen candidate, the man the QueenBee calls Obambi. What a Freudian field day we have at work on this one.

Clinton slaps back:

If Senator Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics, he should immediately denounce these remarks, remove Mr. Geffen from his campaign and return his money.

Oh Jesus, are we denouncing and disavowing already???

Not to be outdone, Obama fires back with one of the best old wingnut chestnuts around:

It is ironic that the Clintons had no problem with David Geffen when was raising them $18 million and sleeping at their invitation in the Lincoln bedroom.

Bam! Right in the kisser.

I don't blame Clinton for defending herself but demanding that Obama "denounce" his supporter is stupid. Furthermore, since she's been running around doing a perfect George W. Bush impression this week, saying repeatedly that "some people don't think terrorism is a threat" she's not in a position to be too self-righteous.

And Obama should know better than to use that old Lincoln bedroom trope. Does he think the right wing won't use the exact same made-up nonsense against him?

Perhaps someone should tell him about how the Washington Post helped gin up that controversy on behalf of the GOP congressional scumbags, even going so far as to count Chelsea Clinton's slumber party guests in the Lincoln Bedroom controversy.

Jesus. Sometimes I don't think we deserve to win. We can't seem to stop helping the other side, even when they are down and out.

Meanwhile, the gentlemen in the press room are simply appalled at the rank incivility among their lessers. Here they are with the Duke of Snow, pledging fealty to the House of Bush:

David Gregory: ...I think that politics and political coverage has become so polarized in this country and in part because everybody- McCurry worried about cable news, with the cameras- that was- that seems like a hundred years ago. Because it- it's the Internet, and the blogs, that have really used this White House press conference to somehow support positions out in America- political views- and they- and they- uh- they will clip, and digitize portions of these briefings to fit into their particular argument and I think people try to divine motives of the questioners and- and certainly draw conclusions about, uh, the answers, or- or non-answers, uh, based on their, their, their own political views.

Tony Snow: You know you raise uh, I'm glad you raised the blog issue, because, uh, I think they'll be kind of a generational divide, uh, do either of you guys look at blogs much?

Panel Member: I write a few, but I don't look at them much.


Tony Snow: And my guess is this side of the room is- looks more at blogs. Um, you look at blogs, right?

Panel Member: I look at blogs. I'm all for blogs, I'm all for the First Amendment, I think people oughta be empowered to write what they want.

Tony Snow: Yeah. Well, I think what's happened is we, we've got this new Democratic age of the media but you're right, it actually- I'll- I'll occasionally punch it up and it's amazing, you get this wonderful imaginative hateful stuff that comes flying out, and, I think one of the, the, the, maybe one of the, the most important takeaways is, it's the classic old line "not only should you not believe your own press you probably shouldn't believe your opposition blogs either". What do you think, Richard?

Richard Wolffe: Yeah, uh, well, uh yeah, I totally agree. I, I, uh- David hit on a good point here that a lot of the blogs are trying to divine motive and bias. There seems to be this sort of- the witch hunt that's out there. A lot of the blogs are, are, are unduly devoted to media criticism which is itself kind of interesting given all the things you could comment on...And, it, uh, in my humble view, I think the press here does a fantastic job of adhering to journalistic standards in covering politics in general. And the, um, the interesting thing in, in looking at the political coverage as people try to guess what we do is, is that they want us to play a role that really isn't our role.

Our- our role is to ask questions and get information. But it- the press briefing isn't Prime Minister's question time. It's not a chance for the opposition to take on the government and grill them to a point where they hand- throw their hands up and surrender. Now, obviously there's a contentious spirit there- we're trying to get information, but, it's not a political exercise, it's a journalistic exercise, and I think often the blogs are looking for us to be political advocates, more than journalistic ones.

Perhaps someone should get these young knights of realm an AM radio so they can see what their Kings followers have been saying for the past 15 years. Dear me.

Gird yourselves, people. It's going to be a looong campaign.

Update: Here's a freebie link to the Modo column so that you can all assess whether I'm being "truthy" about Geffen. I chose that quote because it stuck out to me as being quintessential, big donor, privileged elitism, which is basically what the whole stupid column reeked of. I frankly do not give a damn what Geffen thinks of either Hillary or Obama.

I thought my post was quite clear that the whole shrieking lot of them were acting like a bunch of asshats, but if it wasn't: the whole shrieking lot of them, including the press, are acting like a bunch of asshats.