Confederacy Of Dunces

by digby

I am not a scientist and I don't pretend to understand all the details of the global warming debate. But compared to the ignoramus Fox All-Stars I'm Carl Sagan.

Mort Kondracke did say that he called up the head of Matinal Academy of science to find out the truth and they said there is consensus, but he got all nervous and started stuttering like Woody Allen when allegedly straight news rerporter Brit Hume got indignant and said that "scientific consensus" is what the say when they don't have any scientific facts. He went on to note that the temperatures have been colder lately. I'm not kidding.

It's very sad to see Nina Easton, who has done good work in the past, make Mara Liasson look like Amy Goodman with her scoffing at what the fey Beltway Boyz called Al Gore's "hysterics." She said that Al Gore wants the entire country to completely grind to a halt and do nothing but deal with global warming, which is completely false. He believes it should be a priority, as do all thinking people, but I've never heard him say that it trumps every other concern. It's a ridiculous Fox-style line of bullshit. She's literally in bed with John McCain's staff, so I suppose it shouldn't be surprising (not that she mentions that.)

And they all quoted the highly dubious New York Times article like it was the oracle of Delphi. Funny that.

I think my favorite thing about the know-nothing wingnut argument is that Al Gore is said to be all hysterical on this silly little problem by the same people who are screeching like howler monkeys that the oceans don't protect us anymore and "they're" comin' to kill us in our beds! The fact that ridding ourselves of our dependence on oil might mitigate both of these problems escapes their notice. But then, they are incredibly stupid.