Good Assassination/Bad Assassination

by digby

Who Said This?

"You know Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has confessed to 9-11 and trying to kill President Carter. Why would you try to kill President Carter? He's on your side, for the love of Pete."

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler? Ann Coulter?

Nope. This was CNN and Good Morning America contributor, Glenn Beck.

But that isn't actually an unusual sentiment among rightwingers. Glenn Greenwald pointed out yesterday that despite the explosion of outrage at the horrible anonymous (allegedly) leftists who expressed dismay that Cheney wasn't killed in Afghanistan, nobody seems worked up in the least by statements such as Beck's or the even more bloodthirsty ones on the hugely popular right wing blog, Little Green Footballs. That's the same Little Green Footballs that led the charge against those aforementioned anonymous commenters who wished for Cheney's death, by the way.

John Amato is waiting for Michele Malkin's bff Howard Kurtz to write about this. He was terribly upset, you'll recall, by all those lefty horrors (which were removed as soon as they came to the attention of the blogmasters.)

This is really sick. I know we're living in a polarized time. I know there are people who absolutely detest George Bush and Dick Cheney. I know they like to vent their spleen online, sometimes in vulgar terms, and hey, that's life in a democracy…

Kurtz had never heard, apparently, of LGF's hilarious jokes about "pancake girl" Rachel Corrie or the endless, disgusting homicidal rants against muslims, liberals, Clintons etc from the very same people who were falling on top of each other to get to the fainting couch over those allegedly liberal anonymous comments on Huffington Post.

I wonder how many times Kurtz is going to get punk'd by his galpal Malkin before he starts to feel like a used, wet kleenex? (Yeah, I know. What a silly creature he's become.) Malkin's foray into the mainstream media has given her little crusades quite a profile lately. Her patented shrieking about "unhinged" leftists has fallen on very friendly ears for reasons about which we can only speculate. But it's starting to make some of these reporters look very, very stupid. I wonder if they know or care?