It's A Bitch

by digby

So, Senator Sununu Jr came out for Gonzales to be fired. Hmmm. Maybe he finally saw the moment to give Bush Jr some payback for his metaphorical assassination of Sununu's father:

"G.W. played a key role in the ousting of John Sununu," Ed Rollins says. "John was too high-profile to be Bush's chief of staff. He saw himself almost as a deputy president. The reality was, John had to go -- and G.W. knew it. Others in the Bush administration did not want to take on Sununu, even though they shared G.W.'s view. So G.W. became the messenger who told his father this had to happen. I'm sure G.W. volunteered to fire Sununu himself. There's a hard-ass side to G.W. that he enjoys." Because of the Sununu firing, George W. was often asked to do the more unpleasant duties his father wanted to avoid. "That's how he got the nicknames the Hatchetman and the Enforcer," says a Bush White House insider. "George W. was the one who carried out the trash."

I'm so glad we don't have an aristocracy and all the hideous family infighting they bring with them, aren't you?