Kissing The Ring

by digby

Speaking of James Dobson's proclamation that Fred Thompson is not a Christian and therefore cannot be considered for the presidency, Andrew Sullivan says:

A religious test for public office - clearly stated by the GOP's most powerful base figure. Catholics aren't real Christians either, according to Dobson. Now maybe people will take the threat to secular politics seriously. Here's the acid test: see if any of the other Republican candidates or a leading figure in the Bush administration attacks Dobson's position. This is getting interesting.

I doubt very seriously if that will be necessary. Thompson will make a pilgrimage to one or more of the high priests and proclaim his hostility to activist judges and everybody will get along just fine. That's how St John, Rudy and Newtie did it and matinee idol Fred has to do the same thing.

They will inevitably give dispensation to anyone who can win and exert their influence once they have someone in the white house. They know how to play power politics as well as any professional politicians. Better, actually.