Pardon My Outrage

by digby

I just heard a juror on Hardball say that Libby is a very nice guy who just got caught in a lie and it snowballed and that she hopes he gets a pardon, preferably soon. She agrees that the case was trivial and wishes she had been on a jury for the real crime.

Kate O'Beirne agrees, naturally. She is also sitting right next to the juror saying that Libby didn't lie and wasn't really guilty. The juror says nothing. How much do people want to bet that this woman is going to end up being the poster girl for the Free Scooter campaign?

I have to say that I think the conservatives are winning the spin war on this. By the time they are done, everyone in the country is going to believe that poor little Scooter was railroaded and that it's perfectly normal for a president to immediately pardon his aides when they are found guilty in a court of law. Hell, he can hire him back!

Republican administrations always break the law and when they are caught they always pardon their own. I guess we've just become so used to it now that people don't even find it shocking anymore.

If this happens, from this day forward, Republican administrations know they have no obligation to uphold the law while in office, ever. Why should they?