Setting The Example

by digby

Iran said Monday it was interrogating 15 detained British sailors and marines to determine whether they intentionally entered Iranian waters — an indication the country might be seeking a way out of the confrontation with Britain.

Britain denies its personnel had left Iraqi territory when they were captured and detained by Iran — a contention backed by Iraq's foreign minister, who called on Iran to release the group.

In comments read out by a newscaster, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mehzi Mostafavi did not say what Iran plans to do with the British sailors, but he said they were being interrogated.

Golly, I wonder who's interrogation rules they are using --- the US, China, Egypt, and Saudi's --- or the civilized world's? Unfortunately, there's a little proceeding going on down in Gitmo today that makes the abuse of these British soldiers all the more likely.

The potential for very serious consequences from this is quite high. I can't believe we are in the position of having to hope the Iranians show more restraint and good sense than Dick Cheney, but we are.

H/t to BB.