by digby

Guilty, guilty, not guilty, guilty, guilty!

(The "not guilty" pertains to the Matt Cooper lying to the FBI charge -- they found him guilty of lying about his conversation with Matt Cooper to the grand jury.)

Now all he has to do is keep himself together long enough for the pardon. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush doesn't issue it immediately, to tell you the truth. Scooter doesn't want to go to jail and if they can't keep him out on appeal he might be inclined to start blabbing.

Watch the wingnuts go into full-on, shrieking harpy, spin mode like you've never seen before. I hope Fitzgerald has a thick skin. Hell, I hope he has a flack jacket.

Update: Fitzgerald did his usual straight arrow routine and says he isn't going to further investigate. So, for the moment, it seems that's that. Fitzgerald has always struck me as a true conservative prosecutor in the best sense. He isn't on a crusade. Let history be the judge.

Unless, of course, he's just being wily... he did say, after all, that the door was open to Mr Libby if he had something to say.

Update II: The juror who's speaking said the jury thought Libby was the fall guy. "Where's Rove? Where's the rest of these guys?"

Wells and crew did a good job at making Scooter sympathetic. All that crying and "send Scooter back to me" was for a purpose. It wasn't enough, but it was all they had and it had an effect.

Update III: If you want to see a sad, sad group, check out the Fox News coverage. Bob Novak is dancing like Tucker Carlson right now.

And if you want to read THE book on this subject, buy this book: