by digby

I'm can hardly wait to read Peggy Noonan's column scolding Nikki Giovanni and the students and teachers at Virginia Tech for being classless with their spirited "Hokie" shouts at the convocation. I'm sure that the university's opposing teams were shocked and dismayed that these people would hold a "pep rally" at such a somber time. Just because it gave the mourners a needed feeling of solidarity and purpose is no excuse for such thoughtless behavior.

Update: Oh I see, they just haven't gotten to the memorial service scolding yet because they are too busy scolding the students for not throwing themselves in the line of fire just like they do it on the TeeVee.

(Man, if it had been me, I wudda judo chopped him and then and then I wudda stomped him hard and taken away his guns and saved all the pretty girls too! I would, too'uv!)