Waiting For Sistah Soljah

by digby

Chris Matthews:

Did we see a profile in courage tonight? Did any of the candidates stand up to the special interests in the Democratic party?

This is another perfect example of skewed beltway CW. A Democrat can only be "courageous" if he bucks Democrats. Can you see Chris Matthews asking if any of the Republican candidates were profiles in courage for bucking the Republican party's special interests? I'll be very surprised if he does it.

*Scarborough says that the Democrats are getting killed on abortion in this country and uses the example of an alleged Donna Brazile op-ed in which she said she was sick and tired of having to explain to her relatives why she belongs to a party that supports abortion. Everyone on the panel nodded and sighed in agreement. I'm not sure why a former Republican congressman is considered an authority on this, but apparently everyone in DC agrees. Good to know.