by digby

I have to take exception to tristero's post below about that fine Republican Ted Klaudt. He may be a pervert but he's also a principled pro-choice libertarian who staunchly believes in individual rights:

Representative Ted Klaudt (R-Walker) moved to table the bill, which effectively killed it. After the vote, he told the Rapid City Journal that “Government should never stick their nose into private business.

“It’s just wrong. It’s bad government. Bad government is not justified by a health issue.”

Of course, he wasn't talking about a woman's right to choose but rather about a man's right to smoke, but the principle is surely the same, right?

Well, maybe not. Abortion is a matter of property values as Klaudt's fellow South Dakota Republican Gordon Howie so eloquently explained when questioned about his belief in limited government and his opposition to abortion:

We place value on life in South Dakota, and even with a mother cow, as soon as you can demonstrate she is pregnant, an even higher value is placed just because she is pregnant," Howie said.

These South Dakota Republicans are all pro-choice, but they are also believers in property rights. Their little girls belong to their daddies until they get married, and all women are more valuable when they're breeding. There's nothing inconsistent about their perversions and political beliefs at all.

Update: More Sexual Perversion And Modern Conservatism.

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