by digby

Well, the debate has wound down and I'm still reeling from hearing about the dire threat from the mexicans who are trying to steal our way of life. (Or was it the Muslims?)Anyway, the solution to the problem is to outlaw socialized medicine and Chinese New Year. Or something.

The rhetoric coming out of these guys is really quite extreme, even by GOP standards, but I guess that's just because the front runners are all a bunch of flipflopping hypocrites who have to fake some kind of red-meat qualifications for the base. They've opted for bullying machismo, which is actually quite smart. It's the tie that binds. They certainly have given up on the "law 'n order" platform with their nearly unanimous support for a Scooter pardon -- especially the ex-federal prosecutor Giuliani who couldn't stop whining and twisting his little lace hankie about how unfair it all was.

I think McCain did well tonight, with a little of his old fashioned patented "straight talk" about bush screwing up the war and defending his unpopular stance on immigration. He sounded more like his old self. He apparently isn't a racist and/or actually recognizes that the Republican party is busily pounding nails in its own electoral coffins with their rather, shall we say, intemperate views on illegal immigration, considering just how big and growing the hispanic population in this country is.

He's still nutty as a fruitcake on Iraq and the GWOT (the "transcendent issues of our time") which he and Giuliani both discussed with scary evocations of the half baked, pathetic Fort Dix and JFK "plots," which just proves how lam-o-rama their argument really is.

The rest, excluding Paul who is increasingly sounding out of place among the beasts, are just a bunch of ... standard issue Gopers. Same old shit, different election. reagan, reagan, family, taxes, Jesus, reagan, offense, defense, taxes, reagan, Jesus. I've been listening to their rap for a quarter century, it hasn't changed. They need an update. Badly.

I'm done. I need to find a shower and a very stiff drink.