Depends On What The Definition Of Program Is

by digby

I was only half awake this morning when I read Christy Hardin Smith's liveblogging of the latest atrocious Gonzales testimony, so I couldn't be sure that he was actually still lying about the Ashcroft hospital visit. But after reading more,and watching some of the testimony, it seems he really does have the chutzpah to come up there and commit perjury ... again.

He keeps implying that when he said that there was "no disagreement" about the program he wasn't talking about the domestic spying program. However, everyone's testimony except his indicates that that was the program they were trying to get the sedated Ashcroft to reauthorize. Senator Whitehouse said that there may be a "kernal of truth" in his testimony, in that what he describes as "other intelligence activities" may have not precisely been part of the program, but points out that he is trying to mislead the committee with a ridiculously convoluted argument. Which he clearly is. And that's being generous.

The crime of perjury is inoperative for Bush administration officials, of course,even if they lie right to the FBI or a grand jury, much less the lil' ole congress, since they know they will never see the inside of a jail cell, their criminal benefactors will pay their fines and the Washington DC insiders will defend their honor no matter what they do. Still, it would probably be good for the rule of law for his crimes to be on the record somewhere. Maybe historians can make use of it.

His testimony, as usual, is unresponsive, misleading and sometimes perjurious. Today, he is smug and arrogant in attitude, sometimes even laughing at the questions. Apparently he believes he's weathered the storm.

I famously set forth my reservations about impeaching Bush and Cheney (and paid the price in pieces of my hide.) But I have none about impeaching this guy and I think it might even be (remotely) possible to get 17 Republicans to vote to convict. Even Jeff Sessions sounded pissed today. But I doubt it would get that far. He would likely feel the need to spend more time with his lawyers and would resign.

This man is an insult to the constitution. Impeach him. Get him out of there. Whatever it takes.