Depraved And Confused

by digby

Instaputz alerts us to a disturbing new trend in wingnut psychology. It's one thing to understand that some people go psychotic in a warzone and desecrate corpses. It's quite another to blithely dismiss it as no big deal. Are we some primitive tribe now, casting aside any sense of decency because we are in a war? First torture, now this.

And, by the way, who are we at war with again? Iraq? The country these right wingers insisted that we "liberate?" Are these soldiers only scooping out the brains of foreign terrorists? Or are they insurgent brains? Suni? Shia? Innocent bystanders? It's so hard to tell which brains are suitable for scooping over there. (Or, maybe these keyboard commandos think we should just scoop 'em all and let God sort it out.)

I can be understanding of soldiers who lose their way in the heat of battle and forget their humanity. What can this person possibly offer as an excuse?