Power Player

by digby

Well, it looks as if Mrs Fred Thompson is more than just a pretty face. She's a major power player in her hubbie's almost-campaign. And she's making an impact:

Tom Collamore, the former Altria lobbyist who had been running Fred Thompson's campaign, has resigned and will be replaced by Randy Enwright. Enwright is a Florida political hand with ties to former Gov. Jeb Bush. Also coming on board in a leadership capacity is Spencer Abraham, the former Michigan senator and Energy secretary...

Collamore will stay on as a "senior adviser" to the effort, but with a diminished role. Accounts vary as to what exactly happened, but Collamore was reportedly unhappy with the level of involvement of Thompson's wife, Jeri...

Carl Cameron on Fox reported this as the definite reason why Collamore resigned. Jeri Thompson is very hands-on, apparently.

I love this. The press gave Bill and Hillary Clinton such a hard time for her involvement in his political life, and here we have alleged traditional values candidates Giuliani and Frederick of Hollywood with second and third wives on the front lines whom they are just as proud as punch to allow to run roughshod over their campaigns. Rudy is so attached to Judy that he wants her in cabinet meetings. In Fred's case, would appear to be a more traditional kind of relationship issue: he's indulging his child bride. It's kind of sweet when you think about it.

It will be interesting to see if the press finds this as fascinating as John Edwards' haircuts and Hillary Clinton's cleavage. They've taken a run at the "trophy wife" story with Mrs Thompson, but now that she's a serious political player, perhaps we should all know more about her hair-dos and ta-tas. Lord knows she's got it all.