Speaking Their Language

by digby

The LA Times makes a good point today in its editorial:

American military and political officials must, at the very least, have the foresight not to promote crusade rhetoric in the midst of an already religion-tinged war. Many of our enemies in the Mideast already believe that the world is locked in a contest between Christianity and Islam. Why are our military officials validating this ludicrous claim with their own fiery religious rhetoric?

I've thought since the beginning that Bush's Bible-tinged Gerson-penned rhetoric of good 'n evil was a huge mistake. And the endless public flogging of religion by political figures at a time when the biggest national security challenge we face is a bunch of fundamentalist fanatics was just plain dumb. It's not that anyone should hide religious feeling. But I honestly can't think of a worse time to start featuring it prominently and constantly in political speech and the media -- or to use it as a political issue.

But that's our Junior. If there was a good idea he was bound to reject it and if there was a bad one he'd run with it as fast as he could. Clockwork.