Those Also Serve Who Campaign For Daddy

by digby

I'm looking forward to hearing the right wing explosion over this unpatriotic comparison between some rich daddy's boy driving a Winnebago around Iowa with soldiers in Iraq dodging IED's in a Humvee.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five sons' decision not to enlist in the military, saying they're showing their support for the country by "helping me get elected."

Romney, who did not serve in Vietnam due to his Mormon missionary work and a high draft lottery number, was asked the question by an anti-war activist after a speech in which he called for "a surge of support" for U.S. forces in Iraq.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, also saluted a uniformed soldier in the crowd and called for donations to military support organizations. Last week, he donated $25,000 to seven such organizations.

"The good news is that we have a volunteer Army and that's the way we're going to keep it," Romney told some 200 people gathered in an abbey near the Mississippi River that had been converted into a hotel. "My sons are all adults and they've made decisions about their careers and they've chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard."

He added: "One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president."

Romney's five sons range in age from 37 to 26 and have worked as real estate developers, sports marketers and advertising executives. They are now actively campaigning for their father and have a "Five Brothers" blog on Romney's campaign Web site.

Romney noted that his middle son, 36-year-old Josh, was completing a recreational vehicle tour of all 99 Iowa counties on Wednesday and said, "I respect that and respect all those and the way they serve this great country."

God bless the USA.

I think I'll just head on over to TBOGG's place. He's been "Five Brothers" blogging for months and has followed the "Mittmobile" on its intrepid trek through Iowa from the beginning.

Here's just a little taste:

Meanwhile Josh&Jen continue their whirlwind "99 Counties But A Bitch Ain't One" tour of Iowa with stops by a sign, another sign, a county fair (where Josh&Jen bought the kids some fried sugar and then Jen threw up again), and a drugstore where Josh used Grace to break in to get Jen some Pepto.

As for the other boys, well it looks like Mitt had to let them go because they were dragging the campaign down and he needed to lighten up the load.

I had heard that Fred Thompson was going to pick one or two of them up on waivers but he didn't have the money. The good news is that Mike Huckabee is holding auditions for a new campaign son since the old one isn't working out.

'Tagg Huckabee'. I like that. I think he'll work out as long as he doesn't dance because then he would be going to Hell. Or Arkansas. One of those.