Bomb Iran And Win The Election. Yea!

by digby

Yep. That's the latest pro-war argument (Via Froomkin):

"All the damaging consequences of all the blunders the President has committed to date in Iraq are reversible in 48- to 72-hours - the time it will take to destroy Iran's fragile nuclear supply chain from the air. And since the job gets done using mostly stand-off weapons and stealth bombers, not one American soldier, sailor or airman need suffer as much as a bruised foot."


"[The Iranians] would stand before mankind with their pants around their ankles, dazed, bleeding, crying, reduced to bloviating from mosques in Teheran and pounding their fists on desks at the UN. . . .

"Miracles would be seen here at home. Democratic politicians are dumbstruck, silent for a week. With one swing of his mighty bat, the President has hit a dramatic walk-off homerun. He goes from goat to national hero overnight. The elections in November are a formality. Republicans keep the White House and recapture both houses of Congress."

(Can someone explain to me why right wingers always, always describe the vanquishment of their enemies as being the victims of anal rape ...pants around their ankles, dazed, bleeding, crying..?)

But I do appreciate the honesty. Start a war, as Norm! himself "hopes and prays" we will, "unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced so far look like a lovefest," and Republicans run the table! What an awesome hallucination that is. (I wonder if the Bush administration had pig faces?)

And these people are out there calling Ahmadinejad, Hitler. I mean, really. Hitler was the guy who gave wars of aggression a bad name. The last I heard, Iran hasn't invaded anybody. But then, they don't have the same needs to up the ante with their bloodthirsty base of religious fundamentalists and rabid nationalists. The Republican religious fundamentalists and rabid nationalists, on the other hand, are apparently getting quite restive.