Flag Clothes Banned

by tristero

By way of self-styled conservative/libertarian blogger Clayton Cramer comes word of this dreadful, dreadful behavior, which he rightly decries as "one of these insane triumphs of ACLUism over common sense." Seems that Hobbton High in Sampson County, N.C. - a foul, stinking nest of liberal, ACLU types - has banned students from wearing clothes with an American Flag. This is an outrage, an outrage! The school 1rule bans all countries' flags and stems from "a controversy over students wearing shirts bearing flags of other countries." Clayton movingly writes:
Does it bother anyone besides me that the laws of the United States have been twisted to put a symbol of the United States at the same level of protection as symbols of other nations?
Hear, hear, Mr. Cramer! I couldn't agree more!

And that is why, back in 1968, I distinctly recall that so many, many folks that hold Clayton's political persuasions loudly protested the arrest of one Abbott Hoffman for expressing his own patriotism in exactly the same way as those fine upstanding kids of Hobbton High. I'm sure those conservative defenders of the right to wear the American Flag even paid his legal and hospital bills.

Oh, and Clayton? A personal message. As MY child gets older, I trust conservatives and conservatism less and less. Seems conservatives are hellbent on making America as unsafe, as dreary, and as authoritarian a place as they possibly can. As for your weakening libertarianism...well, I'm sure you'll outgrow all of it, eventually.


[Updated slightly after original post.]