It Is What It Is

by digby

Everybody's asking today, "Why are the Republican front runners skipping all the debates sponsored by racial and ethnic minorities? That just doesn't seem smart." I think people just don't want to admit the obvious:

The Republicans are the party of racists.

None of the front runners are able to use the usual racial codes of being Southern good old boys, or evangelicals or even reliable "pro-life" conservatives so they are reduced to blatantly proving to the racist base of the Republican party that they are one of them by publicly snubbing blacks and Hispanics to win the nomination from the racist GOP base. They have to make explicit what others, like bush, could do obliquely by pretending to be a bubba when he was really a blue-blooded playboy. (Thompson is a good old boy, but he couldn't be seen to be pandering to the negroes when his manly white rivals were manfully telling them to shove it.)

Mudcat said it best: "If you are a racist, go ahead and vote for the Republicans."