The Oracle Speaks

by digby

Oooh. The excitement is palpable. The Man Called Petraeus is just about to speak! All morning, I've been watching the breathless coverage of the handsome General with all those medals on his chest walking in and standing around and then sitting down and then shuffling papers, just holding my breath wondering, "what's he going to say?" (I only wish they'd provided a countdown clock so I knew just how much longer I had to wait!)

Thankfully, we've had team coverage of his entrance and his sitting and standing with lots and lots of speculation that he's going to say that the surge is succeeding. But how could they know? TMCP is a man of unique virtue and goodness who will speak from the heart and tell the truth like his most similar predecessor General George Washington, who could not tell a lie. So I don't care what they say. I'm going to sit back and listen to what the Great Man has to say.

And then I will make a sacrifice in thanks for his leadership and Godly attributes. A goat perhaps?

Update: Also, we shouldn't forget our other oracle, Ambassador Crocker, who was recently quoted in Der Spiegel saying this:

"We had the most brutal of Baath regimes here for 35 years, and now we have a few years of turmoil. It isn't really all that much."

Hey, what's a few hundred thousand deaths in the big scheme of things? It isn't really all that much. No biggie.