Overplaying Their Hand

by digby

The other day I mentioned that the press had been completely brainwashed about Petraeus and today they are proving it. They can hardly stop gushing about his fabulousness.

And the Republicans are quite successfully, among the lazy, fangirl media and the Bush-dog sycophants anyway, trying to make today about Move-on rather than Petraeus's outright lies.

Mike Viquiera MSNBC: Echoing what Republicans are saying on the senate floor... and any number of statements coming over the Blackberry today attacking Move-on, I'm picking up a lot of chatter from Democrats saying they think Move-on really "overplayed their hand this time..."

Gergen: The Move-on ad is undignified. It's unfair...(By the way, he's a personal friend of mine)

Matthews: They are totally partisan and the Democratis party will be marred by this...they attacked his character...[Oh Lordy, Lordy!] The polling we're looking at says that people do mistrust his ability to give an independent assessment, but you still have to give these men respect and I suspect by the end of the day that the Democrats will push back.

Frankly, I think the Move-On ad was absolutely necessary. The Democrats appear to be desperate to throw in the towel, so somebody has to speak for the vast numbers of citizens who aren't starry-eyed over a hot man in a uniform and actually care about the endless dead bodies and the wasted billions in this godforsaken war in Iraq.

Update: He speaks! The war in Iraq going so well! I had no idea. The surge is not only a success --- it's a rousing success. In fact, things are going so well, I think we can declare victory and go home.

Very impressed by all the charts especially. Reminds me of that fantastic speech by Colin Powell before the UN. That was very convincing too. Too bad he lied.