The Boogeywoman

by digby

If I were to just tune in from Mars to this Republican debate, I'd be convinced that there is a horrible enemy that is stalking the American people and its name is ... The Hillary. Jayzuz Christ, every single one of these guys, including Ron Paul, prefaces virtually every question with "well, if Hillary won she would (bite the heads off puppies)..." She's a horrifying Marxist revolutionary and a useless,inexperienced creampuff, the worst of all possible worlds.

And she obviously scares the living hell out of Republicans, whose macho pretenders would rather band together, whimpering like a bunch frightened little boys in the dark, than take on each other. So they are preening for the easy applause from their Cro-Magnon audience. It's a little bit pathetic.

Oh, and they seem to be repeatedly having hippie flashbacks too. Somebody must have spiked the Diet Dr Pepper with LSD in the greenroom.

This debate, like all Republican debates, is low-tax and fact free. And defense spending has zero points! You can spend on the military until you burst and not add to the debt! It's awesome.

(Just don't utter the "Bush" word...)

The truth is that any Democrat will beat this collection of odd ducks.