Dear Roger Cohen

by tristero

Dear Roger Cohen,

I am, for the sake of this discussion going to accept the numbers you provide in your ever so serious and civilized blogpost listing death tolls in the decades-long catastrophe that is Iraq. It is an outrageous exercise to reduce even a single human life to a statistic in this context. But someone should let you know exactly what your support for the Bush/Iraq war has done.

Number of people killed by Saddam Hussein within Iraq before July, 1979 until April, 2003: Up to 1 million.

Number of Iraqis killed by the Roger Cohen-supported invasion and conquest of Iraq since 2003: Perhaps 200,000.

Number of Americans killed by the Roger Cohen-supported invasion and conquest of Iraq since 2003: more than 3700.

At the rate your invasion and conquest is going, you and your friends will be responsible for 1 million deaths within Iraq in around 20 years. It took Saddam around 24.

In response to the unspeakable carnage you asked for and which you got, you write this:
The difference between the Iraqi hell of yesterday and the Iraqi hell of today is that the former was without hope...
Please tell that to the kids who lost their parents, their relatives, and the use of their limbs due to bombs made in the US of A. Bombs you were all too willing to use.

Roger, as I said before, you are a goddammed fool.



PS. Yes, but what about that second million killed in the Iran war? Oh, Bush seems to be working on that. Ever since Texas, Bush has learned how it felt to be the head of a state that kills lots of people. Maybe Bush won't cause a million deaths in an Iran war but Roger, not even Bill Bennett would bet that he won't.

PS By the way, Roger. I don't need anyone whose pen and mouth are as engorged with the blood of dead Iraqis as yours are to lecture someone like me on the evils of Saddam Hussein. You've got one helluva lot of nerve.