Don't Make Trouble

by digby

If one political party is a complete failure at governance, but their rivals are total, all-encompassing failures at politics, which do you suppose will win the favor of the citizens?

It looks like we are about to find out.

I just saw Rahm Emmanuel on Hardball saying that because some people in the industrial midwest have economic insecurity nobody in the country cares more about the war. Neither apparently, do they care about the fact that the Democrats look like a bunch of bumbling fools every single day as the Republicans punk them over and over again with savvy political tactics. Good to know.

It reminds me of the very successful 2002 campaign in which it was decided that the "smart" thing to do was vote for the war so we could get back to the kitchen table issues that people really care about. It works so well because voters are always very interested in the minute details of health care plans and find rousing demagogic speeches about the flag, God and mortal threats terribly dull and disengaging. And their most faithful supporters just love it when their political leaders are forced to kneel at the feet of their rivals over and over again and beg for forgiveness for something their rivals do every day. It makes them feel so proud.

Rahm said that what they care about is that the Democratic leadership raised the minimum wage, got help for veterans health care, help for college tuition, and might get some watered down version of S-CHIP and an energy policy (that the president will no doubt take credit for if they ever pass.)

Paul Krugman was on and mentioned that since the batshit crazy Republicans are angling for war in Iran, the Democrats figure they might just squeak back with their narrow majority as long as they stay as quiet and polite as possible. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Matthews, Charlie Cook, and Chuck Todd all agreed that the Republicans have been winning the rhetorical war on the issue of Iraq and national security since the fall, based on this poll:

"Which comes closer to your view? In the long run, the U.S. will be safer from terrorism if it confronts the countries and groups that promote terrorism in the Middle East. OR, In the long run, the U.S. will be safer from terrorism if it stays out of other countries' affairs in the Middle East."

Confronts -- Stays Out -- Unsure


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