by tristero

Whenever anyone tells me Manhattan is decadent, I'm telling them they ain't seen nothing 'til they've mingled amongst some of the religious in Montgomery, Alabama. Hoo, boy...

PZ gives the sanitized version of the death of Reverend Gary Aldridge, a graduate of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, home to some of this country's greatest master debaters. Oh, the Rev. Aldridge also worked for Falwell:
Clothing: The decedent was received wearing two (2) wet suits, one scuba diving mask, one pair of diving gloves, one pair of slippers, one pair of rubber underwear, two (2) ties, five (5) belts, eleven (11) straps.

Personal Effects: One yellow metal ring intact on left ring finger, one dildo.
The Smoking Gun has the details but I would strongly suggest you think twice about clicking there if you are in the least bit squeamish.

If you go on over to the website of the Rev. Aldridge's Church (he was there for 15 years), you will find an elablorate site with links to Focus on the Family and other groups. You will also find, on the front page of the site, a notice for a new Bible Study Group:

Words fail me.