Huckabee Gets Another Free Ride

by tristero

C'mon, Salon. You know better.

The first fact anyone should know about Mike Huckabee is he is a man so opportunistic and ruthless - and so stupid - he proactively worked to release Wayne Dumond, a serial rapist and murderer, because he felt it would advance his political career. Putting the best spin possible on Huckabee's behavior, the Dumond incident makes it very clear that Huckabee has such poor judgment he should be never be considered for a serious position in the US government, let alone the presidency, where his hand will rest on a nuclear button and some demented rightwing extremist could easily convince him to push it.*

But Dumond is not mentioned in Salon's interview. What the hell is going on? Dumond may have been disappeared by the American press, but not to the women he raped and molested. Or to the families of his murder victim(s). And Huckabee bears responsibility for his release.

If you want to know who Huckabee is, and what this unforgivably ignorant and venal politician is capable of doing, start here and follow the links to careful investigative reporting of just how enthusiastically Huckabee "hearted" a serial rapist and murderer. It's simply sickening that the press is permitting him to get away with his lying denials.

I, too, like entertainment and see no reason why political campaigns can't be enjoyable, raucous, and exciting. In fact, they should be because it interests people and interested people may be more willing to vote. But permitting Huckabee to lie and conceal his involvement in the release of Wayne Dumond is totally reprehensible and irresponsible.


*"But everyone makes mistakes! And Huckabee's acknowledged it." apologists for Huckabee bleat. Releasing a serial rapist and murderer Steve Dunleavy's hallucinated that he was actually a victim of Clinton vengeance is not a mere mistake. It demonstrates a total absence of judgement and good character. Remember, we are talking about the person who will serve as commander in chief of the largest army the world has ever seen. Huckabee has no business being taken seriously by anyone, let alone the media, as candidate for that office.

[Updated slightly for clarity.]