Today's Tweety Moment

by digby

Matthews: Let's go back to women with needs. Women with needs are Hillary's great strength. Women who don't have a college degree, women who don't have a lot of things going for them. May not have a husband, may have kids, have all kinds of needs with day care, education, minimum wage. Will Oprah help with them to move to Barack Obama?

Julie Mason Houston Chronicle: Well, they're looking more for issues than they are for a celebrity endorsement. I don't think it's a celebrity endorsement from Oprah or from Bill Clinton, not that he's a celebrity, but you know what I'm saying. I don't think they move votes. I think they bring attention, I think they bring TV cameras, but those particular women are more concerned with health care and other issues than they are with what Oprah says ...

Matthews : (angry, nasty) OK let's get straight. Don't ever say Bill Clinton doesn't bring votes. If it weren't for Bill there wouldn't be a Hill. The idea that he doesn't give her star quality is INSANE

Julie Mason: (startled) I'm not saying he ...

Matthews: He IS her star quality.

Julie Mason: I'm not saying, he doesn't bring votes but if you were undecided...

Matthews:(abrupt) Ok. ... Thank you Matt.

Julie Mason:... I don't think Bill Clinton ...

Matthews: I know I caught you off guard there.

Julie mason: ...would bring you in.

Matthews: I was too tough on you there, but I know I'm right. Anyway, Matt ... just like Hillary I know I'm going to win.

The entire panel laughed nervously and that was it. Julie Mason should refuse to appear on his show again, but I doubt she will, unfortunately.

It's reminiscent of the submissiveness training Matthews gave to Norah O'Donnell back when she used to say things Tweety didn't like. It works.

Oh, and it's quite clear that Matthews thinks these so-called women with needs who "don't have a lot going for them" are a bunch of morons who probably shouldn't be voting. His voice drips with derision whenever he describes them, which he does often, and in great detail. "Women with Needs" doesn't have quite the same ring as "Welfare Queens" but it does the trick.