Can I Get A Big Old Yeeeeaaarrrgh!?!!

by digby

Harry Reid has pulled the FISA bill until after the recess. It seems senators were getting uncomfortable with all the attention being drawn to their sickening sell out to big corporations.

And I frankly suspect that Feingold's speech this morning in which he says that half of what the administration told them in classified session was bullshit may have had an impact.

The Republicans also acted like asses, as usual, which may have soured some of the Democrats who were trying to give them everything they wanted and yet they wouldn't take yes for an answer.

Whatever the case, while the "Lieberman for Lieberman" senator from Connecticut may have spent the day preening all over the television shilling for war and Republicans, the Democratic senator from Connecticut, Chris Dodd, was acting like a patriot.

Thank you Senator.