Update On Junior Huck

by digby

There was some question the other night if I had enough information to post this story about Mike Huckabees son's alleged cruelty to animals or whether it was even relevant. As I wrote at the time, I don't normally write about the candidates' kids, but as an animal lover this was a particularly ugly tale to me and there was some evidence that Huckabee had covered up for him.

Newsweek was evidently working on the story and they have published it today, here. It certainly does appear that Huck tried to shut down an investigation into the thing.

Meanwhile, Lambert over at Corrente wire did a little digging into the assertion that Huckster Jr was really putting the dog "out of his misery" or not. It doesn't look good for Junior.

Anyway, that's the story. I really don't like people who are cruel to animals. And if I had a 17 year old kid who was cruel to animals he would immediately be in serious therapy --- it's a bad, bad sign. There is no evidence that Huckabee thought there was anything wrong with what his son did, so I suppose it's not surprising that he's running around packing heat in airports these days. I'd keep my distance from this guy.