Ain't No Hollaback Girl

by digby

Well, it looks like the beeyotch is back and we have a race on our hands. And say what you will, it's a helluva upset from what we thought was happening just this morning. I have no idea whey the polls were so wrong, but I'm sure we'll hear plenty of theories over the next few days.

It's going to be a rough and tumble campaign and we'll all have to stay mad each other for a while, but it's good for Democrats to play hard in the playoffs in preparation for the series. They need to be tested and vetted beyond Iowa and New Hampshire. And hey, people like me might even have our primary votes matter this time out!

And nothing could be more satisfying than to see the media and the polls shown to be so off and the voters assert themselves to prove them wrong. All the sickening media sexism we saw over the past couple of days didn't work and all liberals of good conscience should be relieved by that.

Here's Tom Brokaw:

BROKAW: You know what I think we’re going to have to do?

MATTHEWS: Yes sir?

BROKAW: Wait for the voters to make their judgment.

MATTHEWS: Well what do we do then in the days before the ballot? We must stay home, I guess.

BROKAW: No, no we don’t stay home. There are reasons to analyze what they’re saying. We know from how the people voted today, what moved them to vote. You can take a look at that. There are a lot of issues that have not been fully explored during all this.

But we don’t have to get in the business of making judgments before the polls have closed. And trying to stampede in effect the process.

Look, I’m not just picking on us, it’s part of the culture in which we live these days. I think that the people out there are going to begin to make judgments about us if we don’t begin to temper that temptation to constantly try to get ahead of what the voters are deciding, in many cases, as we learned in New Hampshire when they went into the polling booth today or in the last three days. They were making decisions very late.

I don't know about you but I really don't like these assholes telling me what I think.

Update: Pam Spaulding, in a comment over at Pandagon, on the so-called Bradley Effect:

Oh, I just heard NBC’s Brian Williams bring up “The Bradley effect,” (aka the Wilder effect) ... I’m not sure that it applies here, given the complicating factor of gender bias, and what we can now call “The Tweety Effect,” where the misogyny of a talking head in the MSM so enrages a demographic that they go out and vote in a manner that will put egg on the face of the talking head.

I dearly hope the Bradley Effect didn't happen but I think the Tweety Effect might have.