Just Shoot Me

by digby

Jesus Jump Up Christ. Matthews, Olbermann, Norah O'Donnell and David Gregory are sitting around interpreting the Michigan Democratic vote and examining the exit polls to determine meaningful trends about the upcoming primaries.

Michigan means nothing, good or bad, for Democrats. The people who came out to vote uncommitted were very likely people with very strong feelings about Clinton. The people who came out to vote for Clinton were also very likely people who had very strong feelings about her. SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE OF THE TOP THREE ON THE FRIGGING BALLOT! For all we know, if there had been a real campaign, Edwards would have won. (I suspect he would have...)Some of the uncommitteds even said they'd have voted for Clinton!

We have no idea what would have happened if all the candidates had been on the ballot. The turnout was low. The primary doesn't count. There have been no ads, no canvassing, no organization to speak of. To take anything from it is highly irresponsible.

But they're out there spewing crap anyway, trying to impact the race, making predictions, being fortune tellers as usual. There's just no stopping them.

Update: Maddow just made an interesting point. She said the difference between the three candidates is how they define change:

Hillary believes the thing that needs to be changed is that Bush needs to be out and the Democrats need to be back in there. Edwards believes the thing that needs to be changed is that the moneyed interests and the lobbyists need to be taken out of the political game. Obama believes that what needs to change is that he needs to be the president because he is a personally unifying character...Democrats are being asked whether they believe in party, in which case they should be for Hillary, if they believe in power they should be for Edwards and if they believe in personality, they should vote for Obama.

Update II: The Sexiest Republican Man Alive is now a CNN election analyst.