Speaking Of Radical Centrists

by digby

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City intensified his attacks on the political leadership here on Wednesday, pointing to what he called the government’s failure to fix immigration policy and other problems of immediate concern to the nation.

In a speech before a group of his fellow mayors, Mr. Bloomberg described Washington politicians as shortsighted and said their priorities often reflected crass political calculations rather than sound policy judgments.

“We all know that spending decisions in Washington are driven by whatever will attract votes and campaign cash,” he said in criticizing the government for running up enormous budget deficits over the last few years.

Imagine that. Attracting votes and campaign cash. How tacky. Yes, what we clearly need is benevolent billionaire dictators who ignore the voters and care about nothing but their own interests.

I know that is the fondest dream of the DC establishment but until we can find such paragons to run for office I'm afraid we are going to have to continue to rely on the unpleasantness of crass democratic politics as practiced on planet earth.

This Unity 08 argument is particularly laughable considering what the Republicans are pulling on this FISA legislation this week. I'd love to see Old Mike sanctimoniously lecture people who think torture is a reasonable policy.