Stopping The Train

by digby

Both the Clinton and Obama campaigns are taking a step back from the brink this evening. (More Obama, here.) This has the strong feel of a negotiated truce. I noticed some serious walk back from campaign spokespeople all day.

Good for the campaigns for taking a breather. (Let's hope the surrogates all get the message and keep their yaps shut for a while.)

Matthews floated an interesting idea today --- it may be necessary to put both of them on the ticket, no matter which one wins, in order to bring the party back together. Isn't that an intriguing thought?

I have to say I will make a video of myself singing Kumbaaya on the Venice Beach Walk and put it on YouTube if that happens, but still --- it would be lovely.

Update: Jane at FDL has more on how the press is fanning the flames on this stuff.

Don't listen, campaigns. They only want to hurt the ball club.