Yuk[s] Factor

by digby

It's a little bit rusty, hasn't been out for a spin since 2004, and needs a few springs and belts replaced. But the old machine looks like it's up and running.

The Muck is featuring this lovely story today about Roger Stone, one of the original Dick Nixon dirty tricksters, and his latest project:

So what's Stone up to? Fortunately, he laid the whole scheme out to The Weekly Standard.

It's this simple: it's all about the group's acronym, which, used in conjunction with Hillary Clinton, is supposed to be irresistibly humorous. That is the beginning and the end of it. The group will not be running ads in any form and will not be making any robocalls. They'll be making T-shirts. That's it. You can buy them for $25 on their website:

In addition to this website being blast-emailed to hundreds of thousands of addresses that Stone and [another GOP operative] have accumulated over the years (working off over 170 different email lists of everyone from opinion-makers to political activists to industry associations), Stone is counting on T-shirt sales to further serve as "billboard education." He figures the whole thing will end up taking on a viral nature, thanks to the yuks factor....

"The more people go to the site, the more people buy the T-shirts," Stone explains.... "The more people buy the T-shirts, the more people wear the T-shirts. The more people wear the T-shirts, the more people are educated. Consequently, our mission has been achieved." Though neither the word itself nor even the acronym is ever mentioned, "it's one-word education. That's our mission. No issues. No policy groups. No position papers. This is a simple committee with an unfortunate acronym...."

...The Standard explains that Stone is "trying to tap into deep-seated sentiments about Clinton that pundits and rival candidates can't articulate."

Oh I don't know. The MSNBC boy pundits don't seem to have any trouble articulating their deep-seated sentiments about Clinton. Of course, they use other words like "shrew" and "witch" but they've made themselves very clear. I'll bet old Tucker, who features Roger regularly on the show, will be buying up a whole case of those funny t-shirts to give to all his buddies there at the network to wear under their shirts so they can giggle to themselves whenever they see a girl walking down the hallway. "Boy I bet she'd be mad if she knew I was wearing this t-shirt. Heh."

Of course you all know about Roger, don't you?

Update: The boyz are giving Tweety a hard time for letting those bitches push him around. The poor little guy just can't win.

Update II: More yuks on MSNBC. They just can't stop themselves.