Dizzy Foxes

by digby

If you want to have some fun, watch FoxNews tonight. They are so confused they can barely talk. Haley Barbour just came on and said that he thought it wasn't useful for the party to fight all the way to the end of the primaries. Hume asked him who should drop out and he sputtered and stuttered and finally indicated that McCain was probably the one who should win but, well, if Romney wins California then maybe... and Huckabee has been very strong ... and then he finally just sort of drifted off. He clearly thinks McCain is the strongest candidate, which is probably true, but he can't really say it because the base is holding its breath until it turns blue.

Bill Kristol looks suicidal. (Huckabee?) What a mess.

*And Romney has to be pleased tonight. He won all three of his home states.