Not Having It

by digby

From the comment threads:

Digby: "I'm not talking about legitimate, passionate political discussion. This is about personal attacks and drive-by character assassination."


i've loved your writing over the years, read you daily since 03, but your campaign for decorum needs to stop (btw, i am not engaging in "drive-by character assassination"). if someone alerts you to an offensive comment, you should use your discretion and delete if you feel it to be in bad taste. but to scour your own comment threads, LOOKING for something that YOU find offensive -- well, i hate to say this, but it reminds me of broder, brooks, et. all.
your readers can handle themselves, and if they feel the urge to engage in an invective-laden argument over whose corporate militarist candidate will do a better job tinkering with this plane as it crashes, well who are you to stop them?
yes, it's your blog (no freedom of speech issues). but these are YOUR readers, like it or not. they are people with opinions, just as you are a person with an opinion.
remember, "smelling salts" is a phrase that you coined. don't go reaching for them anymore. it's getting tiresome.

sleepy | 02.07.08 - 8:26 pm | #

Yeah, give the cunt some smelling salts and tell her to make you a sandwich.
Beatthebitch | 02.07.08 - 9:09 pm | #


Since comments are back.

This is Atrios:
Commenters provide a check on me when I write something stupid, and of course provide me with lots of material which I liberally borrow and steal. While it's an incredibly time consuming part of what I do, it's also the most rewarding. If not for comments I would've gotten bored with this blogging stuff a long time ago. Not really sure why bloggers without comments bother." 2/07/2008

This is Digby:
Chill Pill
The comment threads have become a problem....we're going to take a little break.1/21/2008

uppity kitty | 02.07.08 - 6:13 pm | #

Right on uppity kitty. Digby is a whining douche who runs and hides when anybody says something she doesn't like. That's why people still like Atrios and think she should shut the fuck up.

She thinks she can ban me too. Nice try you stupid cunt
Beatthebitch | 02.07.08 - 6:39 pm |

Just so everyone understands, this is why I closed comments earlier and it's why I have had to spend the better part of the day deleting comments like the two responses above. 24 of them at last count on several different threads and I'm sure I missed some.

I'm not going to allow people to call me a cunt on my own blog. It's just not acceptable. I'm sorry it's so tiresome to hear me ask people not to feed these trolls or if you think it's obsessive for me to ban people who call me a douche twenty times a day, but that's tough.

Save the sanctimonious lectures, everybody. I don't care if you tear each other apart politically in the comments but I'm not going to be anyone's personal urinal. You talk that way around here from now on and you're out. I'm done.