by digby

Congratulations to Senator Obama for a big win tonight in Wisconsin! He is making huge inroads into Clinton's base of support among women and high school educated, lower income voters. If this keeps up, Texas and Ohio are going to be cakewalks and this is going to be over on March 4th.

(It can't come too soon for me.)

Update: To be clear. I'm not agitating for Clinton to quit. We have all said for years that we want Democrats to be fighters and you can't pick and choose which ones you want to do that. This race is still very close. The party is divided. But the contests since Super Tuesday have been blowouts for Obama and it's hard to see how she can win if he wins big in Texas and Ohio, which he may very well do.

Perhaps she'll go on to Pennsylvania if the math is close, but if Texas and Ohio are like tonight, I doubt it. She has a senate seat and he's got a legacy to protect. Contrary to people's imaginations lately, Bill and Hillary Clinton aren't actually soulless zombies committed to destroying everything in their wake.

And for those of you who are rending your garments over the horrible negative campaigning we've been subjected to, get a hold of yourselves. This has been one of the most positive campaigns in recent memory. You can look it up.

Just wait until you see what Ari Fleischer and his quarter of a billion have in store for us..