by tristero

Absolutely, Power should be fired. Save that crap for Republicans, who deserve it.

And Josh is absolutely right. Obama's in a bind over this and the Clinton camp is not only within their rights to push, but doing the country a favor. How it plays out will provide a good insight into how Obama - meaning the man himself as well as his closest advisers - might react when the Republicans start turning the screws, which - despite Obama's sincerest desires for bipartisanship - the Republicans will do with a monstrous viciousness that will make Whitewater look like Walden Pond.

And if Obama can keep Power without firing her and also defuse these remarks, well, that would be some very impressive politicking.


Note: I'll say it only once. I don't have a favorite between Obama and Clinton. They are both excellent candidates (which is not to say I'm necessarily in favor of a joint ticket). Neither are manufactured manly-men-with-their-straight-shooters-shooting-straight-at -you-can-you-take-it. By comparison with St. John - all image to obscure his consistent behavior as a rightwing operative - both Obama and Clinton invite critical examination (please read the first clause of this sentence before ranting about Candidate X's deviousness and willingness to hide his/her true agenda/earnings/actions). So I think it not surprising, nor terribly important, that I find it easy to support them both while at the same time often disagreeing with the particulars of their platforms. The point is that even when I think they are wrong, I recognize they are both serious people, not clowns who want to inherit the dubious mantle of George W. Bush's codpiece.

Yes, I know a mantle is worn elsewhere. Usually.