The Warrior King

by digby

Bush just endorsed McCain and sounded like he's on a meth bender. He couldn't let McCain have the spotlight.

If I were McCain I'd be hoping that's the last time I have to appear with Junior during this campaign. He's a reminder of everything people loathe about Republicans. St. John didn't look too comfortable, I must say. (But then he never does...)

Naturally, the gasbags are doing backflips over John W:

Brian Williams: You know what I thought was unsaid ---they took their position Chris, we're seeing the replay --- they end up in this spot and the sun is coming is just from the side and there in the shadow is John McCain's buckled, concave shoulder. It's a part of his body the suit doesn't fill out because of his war injuries. Again you wouldn't spot it unless you knew to look for it. He doesn't give the same full chested profile as the president standing next to him. Talk about a warrior...

Chris Matthews: You know, when he was a prisoner all those years, as you know, in isolation from his fellows, I do believe, uhm, and machiavelli had this right --- it's not sentimental, it's factual --- the more you give to something, the more you become committed to it. That's true of marriage and children and everything we've committed to in our lives. He committed to his country over there. He made an investment in America, alone in that cell, when he was being tortured and afraid of being put to death at any moment -- and turning down a chance to come home.

Those are non-political facts which I think do work for him. When it gets close this November, which I do believe, and you likely agree, will be a very close contest between him and whoever wins the Democratic fight. And I think people will look at that fact, that here's a man who has invested deeply, and physically and personally in his country.

Williams: Absolutely, Couldn't agree more. Of course the son of a Navy Admiral, a product of Annapolis who couldn't wait to become a Navy aviator...

In case you think that isn't emphatic enough, John Amato reported this last night:

After McCain won Ohio and Texas—Tweety said this a few minutes ago:

Matthews: If you look at the box this year it came in, which is marked “change.” It is ironic that the man who represents the least change is in the solidest position to be the next president right now.

In case anyone wonders why the press has been so gleefully building up and then tearing down Democratic candidates this season, this might just be a hint. McCain media manlove knows no bounds.