Bush At 69% Disapproval

by tristero

Bush At 69% Disapproval. That's the highest ever disapproval for a president. And 28% approve.

You may think that sounds like very low approval but it's not. Actually, it's disturbingly high. Let me explain by way of an example.

You're driving down a highway, minding your own business. However approximately 28 of every 100 drivers hurtling towards you at 55 to 65 mph plus are so utterly unhinged from reality they actually think Bush is doing a good job. Your life is in their hands..

At any time, a Bush-lover's gut could tell him to play "chicken" with a timid, pathetic, reality-based driver like you, a twerp who thinks - hah! - that traffic laws should be obeyed. Another could, just for the hell of it, decide to smash into another car causing a monstrous pile up you can't avoid. A third Bush supporter may have neglected to check her tires despite numerous warnings by her Bush-hating cousin that those tires look mighty old and should be replaced. Really, who could possibly have predicted a double blowout on a highway and the subsequent fatal accidents and fires?

Suddenly that 28% doesn't seem like such a low percentage, does it now, my friends?

Drive safely, people.