His Historical Legacy

by digby

The creep Scalia can run, but he can't hide:

Justice Antonin Scalia, in an interview to be shown on Sunday, defended the U.S. Supreme Court ruling's that gave George W. Bush the presidency and said he was not trying to impose his personal views on abortion.

Scalia was interviewed for the CBS News show "60 Minutes," an appearance timed to coincide with the publication on Monday of the book he coauthored, "Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges."


Scalia repeated his earlier statement that people should "get over" the court's ruling in 2000 that halted Florida's vote recount, giving the presidential election to Republican Bush over Democrat Al Gore.

"I say nonsense," Scalia said, when asked about critics who say the 5-4 ruling was based on politics and not justice. "Get over it. It's so old by now."

Nev. Er. That decision will be hung around his neck like a dead albatross all the way down through the rest of history until the day the world ends.

It proved he personally was nothing more than a cheap partisan hack. He knows it. He even uses the old cheap partisan hack slogan, "get over it." The court disgraced itself and the Republican party showed the country and the world that they no longer cared about legitimacy.

If his good pal Osama bin Laden hadn't made his move and scared the hell out of the country on 9/11, Scalia's creature would have been long gone by now. The regrets are manifested in the American people's current disgust and loathing of the boy-man those five egomaniacs illegitimately foisted on the country.

There is a reportedly good movie called Recount premiering on HBO about the Florida recount next month. Make sure your kids see it so they know what it looks like when Republicans steal an election.

Here's the trailer: