by digby

Good morning, America! It just gets better all the time.

Due to the fact that I was voted favorite female blogger by people who read their site and participated in their PSA encouraging women to vote, I have been inundated with angry emails demanding that I disavow Women's Voices Women's Vote for their "campaign to disenfranchise voters in North Carolina."

First of all, I have no affiliation with Women's Voices Women's Vote. I was asked to do a little Public Service Announcement last fall and there was nothing partisan about it. I did not do it to "pimp Hillary" as one of my concern trolls so pithily put it. Neither did I think there was any need to investigate or "vet" a well known organization that registers women to vote. So no, I didn't look into them to find out if I should agree to "lend my name to voter disenfranchisement." The production company asked and I said yes.

I had nothing to do with the contest other than noting on my site that I had been nominated and that I'd won. If they have some sort of devious political agenda, I'm completely unaware of it. I know absolutely nothing about these robo calls.

Here's the explanation from WVWV
at Huffington Post. That would be all the information I have on the matter.

And yes, I disavow any and all attempts to disenfranchise voters no matter who is doing it. After all, I've been writing on the subject for many years --- as recently as yesterday.

Update: Let me make this clear. I have no personal or professional relationship with WVWV. I have never even spoken with a person who works there.

The only people I ever dealt with were the production company in Los Angeles that handles their ads. I have no unique ability to "get to the bottom of this." I'm sure others will.

Update II: Matt Stoller has posted an email from a person involved in the WVWV voter registration drives.

Also, for those who are unfamiliar with blogging style, I did link to the original charges in the first paragraph of this post.