Lieberman And His Toleration Of The Unclean

by tristero

One would think that the reality-challenged, Catholic-hating, gay-hating, and Jew-hating Psychopastor Hagee would be shunned by anyone in national mainstream politics. But Joe Lieberman thinks he's more than just a convenient ally to drum up non-Jewish support for Israel. He thinks him a "man of God," a veritable modern Moses.

That characterization of Hagee is nothing less than a gross insult to any self-respecting Jew. Yet Lieberman has, to the best of my knowledge, refused to apologize for these remarks in the light of the recent revelations. That refusal goes a long way towards understanding, when there's politics involved, how little value Lieberman really puts on the beliefs and heritage he claims to hold so devoutly. Remember: Hagee is a man who asserted that the Bible tells us that Hitler was sent by God as a hunter of Jews who stayed in Europe rather than return to Palestine to further the progress of Armageddon. That is simply "reasoning" so bizarre it seems psychopathic, even within the weird context of Hagee's brand of Protestantism.

Yes, Hagee is nuts on so many levels they defy quantifying without recourse to one of those calculators that utilizes scientific notation. But I don't give a damn about Hagee. It's Lieberman. I guess Lieberman really finds it hard to make the case for Israel to mainstream Christians so he feels compelled to coddle this kook.

The crazy, far-right Hagee is no real friend to Israel and I suspect it is only a matter of time, if Lieberman persists on perpetuating Hagee;s national status by attending his wingdings, before more, and even less ambiguous, anti-semitic remarks from Hagee surface.

Lieberman truly seems not to understand that Hagee is far, far beyond the pale. But we don't, and Lieberman's embrace of this madman can and should disqualify him from further consideration as a national politician. It is up to Democrats to recognize this when Lieberman once again is up for election; Dems must make a concerted effort to recover the Senate seat Lieberman is doing his best to besmirch.

It is an insult to those of us who support Israel to associate our support with Lieberman and his friends. There are far better American friends of Israel than Joe and his pals.